Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2nd Last Day in Hong Kong - JuJu is sick =(

It's our second last day in Hong Kong. We are still coming to terms that our holiday is drawing near. BooHoo, we love Hong Kong and have enjoyed our stay thus far. We are getting so attached to this beautiful country, we've adapted ourselves to their daily lifestyles with the likes of catching the convenient transport system - The MTR, eating cheap but yummy food and shopping till we drop. This lifestyle is going to be greatly missed. We will definitely be visiting in the near future. We love you Hong Kong. On a brighter note, we are also looking forward to sipping cocktails by the beach in Thailand for 7 nights. 

Ladies market in broad day light - 3pm. The stores starts setting up as early as 12pm - I think. But the atmosphere is not the same as going there in the evening. The buzzing people traffic and lights excites me in the evening. hehe. 

Cheap Cheap Cheap room rates aye? Charging by the hour. hehe

JuJu purchased an iPhone 4 from Broadway, Mong Kok. It was AUD$200 cheaper to buy it here in Hong Kong than in Australia. She feels a tad better now that she's finally gotten herself a replacement. 

It was rather hard finding a place to eat in Mong Kok, we didn't know where to go. We didn't leave the hotel until about 2.30ish PM, so by this time we were starving as we had skipped breakfast also. Eventually, we found this Japanese restaurant tucked away within Ladies Market. There were about 4 Japanese restaurants side by side each other, we picked the best looking one and of course the one with an appealing english menu. 

Seafood fried rice with salmon sushi
Seafood ramen with dumplings 

Back at Pacific Place, Admiralty. Another one of my favourite shopping malls. 

Hunting for these Louis Vuitton Loafers, unfortunately the size that we're after are sold out in all Hong Kong stores. Oh wells. We'll try Thailand. 

JuJu is not feeling the best today - it must be from all that partying we were doing in the last 4 days. So we decided to go back to the hotel so she can get some rest. My poor darling. Especially being allergic to Panadol or Cold and Flu tablets, I can't give her anything to make her feel better =( Hoping that the warm water and plenty of rest will speed up the recovery. Good night sweetheart. Sweet dreams. I love you. 

Good Night World. 

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