Monday, 4 April 2011

Shop Til' You Drop - Mong Kok

Make-up in Hong Kong is sooooooooo cheap.... !

H & M - I had forgotten how overly crowded these Hong Kong stores gets - particularly during sales. It's like vultures viciously fighting over prey.... It was rather frustrating passing through people traffic, let alone scrummaging through the racks. Nonetheless, I managed to score some bargains - I mean CRAZY BARGAINS for my lover, my brother and of course myself :)

A funny moment in H & M : HAHA 
I took off my outside shirt dress so that I could try on a blazer. 
JuJu was suppose to be holding it, but because she was holding too many garments - without knowing she had left the shirt behind on one of the clothing racks. We turned around for literally 2 seconds and my shirt went missing. The store was so packed, the shirt was no where to be found and I thought that I had lost it. However, with luck in place - we saw a woman admiring the shirt from afar and quickly approached her. I guess she realised that it was not a H & M item and happily returned it to me. :)

Ladies Market - Negotiating skills required.... LOL... 
It's amazing how much "discount" you can get from these markets.. 
I feel so ripped off when they quote me the "first price". 
It was a really long day, so I was not that much interested in Market stock... 
However, I managed to pick up some male underwear at some crazy bargain price (of course negotiations took place) along with the medium sized folding clutches in leather. 

How cute are these jewellery holders. 
Perfect for my new dressing room. 

 We were shopping so much that we had missed lunch.... and now we are HUNGRY! 
It was a mission looking for this Japanese Restaurant that we had been to 4 years ago. Following the directions from an old receipt, we had come to realise that :-
(1): They had changed their business name since 
(2): They had moved from level 7 to 11. 
The search for this massive sushi train restaurant was totally worth it. The food was just as great as I tasted it 4 years ago...

Oie Sushi Restaurant - King Wah Centre - Mong Kok

FaceTiming with my favourite girls back at home. I miss you both. xx

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  1. LOL im surprised its the same restaurant and LOL @ shirt moment.. lol juju needs more hands!