Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Last Day in Hong Kong

We called for room service this morning as JuJu wasn't feeling too well. Poor bubba. We ordered the Sweet corn and crab bisque and wonton noodle soup. It was really yummy for hotel quality. I was impressed. 

JuJu is allergic to Panadol, cold & flu etc tablets so she wasn't really able to take anything. We went down to 7-Eleven and got her Panadol cough syrup instead, hoping this will make her feel better.

Headed to Ladies Market to buy a carry on luggage for my goodies !! 

Getting ready for our last night in town. 

@Zinc in Lan Kwai Fong for some happy hour drinks & snack =) 
I'm gonna miss this scene.

I mentioned earlier in my blog that we met some american girls when we were out on saturday night, well we are finally catching up for dinner before JuJu and I leaves Hong Kong. It was so lovely of them to organise this occassion. 

As in many Chinese restaurants, the decor in San Xi Lou is pleasant and even slightly elegant, but certainly not awe inspiring. The food, on the other hand is very awe inspiring. Wide choice of scrumptious Sichuan favourites, ranging from mild to dynamite-explosive spicy. 

The kitchen makes use of fresh ingredients to produce excellent food that is authentic, straightforward, unpretentious and, most importantly.... DELICIOUS. 

Massive pots - Originally we ordered two pots, luckily we were able to cancel the other one. 

Bonus thing is that the menus are also in english =) 

For the spicy foods lover, this is a must try. You'll love it. 

7/F Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Mid-Levels

Meet Corinne, Minh & Amy. 
Corinne has been living and working in Hong Kong for the last 3 years. She is originally from Singapore.
Minh is from California and is on vacation visiting her boyfriend. 
Amy is doing an internship in Hong Kong. She is from Chicago. 
It was such a lovely pleasure meeting such awesome girls. 

My golly gosh ! As a sauce person this was HEAVEN for me !! There were so many choices, so I started missing everything with anything. 

 I got greedy, missing the sauces together was so much fun. Man, they were so spicy!!!

The premium beef cubes were ENTICING. 

The dumplings were my favourite. EXQUISITIVE. 

Let's dig in. 

Joanna (far right) joined us late. She is also from the states and is living and working in Hong Kong. 
One day, I hope our paths will cross again. Girls, it was lovely meeting you all and I hope to see you one day in Sydney. 

Headed home after dinner to pack.

Good night . xoxo

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