Monday, 11 April 2011

Stanley & Ladies Market

Day 9 - Good Morning Hong Kong ! We're back for our buffet breakfast =) I try to have a variety each time I go, but JuJu is rather boring LOL. 

Today, we are making our way to Stanley Market located at Hong Kong Island. 

After getting off the MTR, we had to catch the little green bus (only seats 16 people) to get to Stanley Market. It was a really rough windy 30 minutes drive. The bus driver was crazy, driving at approximately 70kms at these really sharp bends. Boy, were we holding onto the rails. 

Stanley Market is one of the must-go places for tourists when visiting Hong Kong. 

You will find an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art, chinese costume jewellery and souvenirs. While a bit "touristy, it will certainly help you to cross off all the items on your souvenirs-to-buy-Aunt-Jane shopping list.

These panda bears reminded me so much of my panda bear back at home. I miss you Giselle. <3

I only bought these cool belts for boobyface. He Loves them. :)
At first I was quoted HKD$180 for the one, then I asked man if he could do a discount and that I was buying two. He gave it to me the two for HKD$180.. Score.

Hehe. Decisions in the Public Toilets. Guess which one I chose =)

Embracing the warm sunny day and beautiful water views.

A morning of shopping/browsing is also nicely finished off by a good lunch at one of the many restaurants. We chose "Pizza Express". 

The iced lemon tea was so yummy and refreshing with unlimited refills. 

Baked mushrooms - Organic button mushrooms filled with mozzarella, pesto genovese, bechamel sauce and dough balls 

Penne Al Pomodoro Mozzarella - Penne with tomato, mozzarella and basil

Torino Pizza - Fontina and grana padano cheese, organisc portabella mushrooms, bechamel sauce, chilli and garlic to lift all the flavours (no tomato)

Food was absolutely divine and satisfying. Highly recommended. We sat on the top deck where we got a beautiful waterfront view. Customer service was exceptional, they were very attentive and efficient - so good that I filled out their feedback form.

Pizza Express : 90 Stanley Main St, Stanley. 

We decided to catch a long bus ride back to the area. Whilst waiting for the 973 bus, we had some fun striking poses =)  Click, Click, Click - Pose for Me !

It was such a bad idea taking the bus back. It was a very LONG 1.5 hrs ride back. We both fell asleep on the bus (results of a food coma maybe? - way too much carbs for lunch), and we had missed our Jordon stop and ended up at the very end of the bus trip at Tsim Sha Tsui Station, however, we were so happy that we were finally off that bus. 

Peak Hour @ Admiralty MTR Station 

We got back to the hotel to freshen up and got into a change of new clothes. We are now heading out to meet up with Tina. She is here in Hong Kong for work and have only just arrived tonight. 

Tina is staying at Causeway Bay near Times Square. Being one hour fashionably late (blame it on JuJu - she was lagging so bad), we finally meet up with starving Tina. hehe

Tina took us to a seafood restaurant Called "Under Bridge Spicy Crab" located at Wan Chai, walking distance from Times Square. Their signature dish is the tasty chilli garlic, salt and pepper crab. Anyone visiting MUST try it. You will not be disappointed. 

405 Lockhard Rd, Wan Chai. 

Green beans with mince meat - Yummy!!!!

The crab was soooooo spicy. I was sweating so much eating it (even with the air conditioning on full blast), by the end our meal - my face and lips were bright red. HAHA.

Salt & pepper squid
Signature dish - Spicy garlic, salt & pepper crab (we requested for "very chilli")
Scallops - they were masssssssive & so tasty

Heading to Ladies Market to pick up some bargains. 

With my negotiation skills getting better by the day, came home with these leather Jimmy Choo clutches  and 45 pairs of trunks. The boys back at home now have trunks to last them a few years. LOL. To date, I've purchased 75 pairs. 

JuJu and I also helped Tina to score some bargains. HAHA, she was so cute about feeling so bad with the bargaining. But we explained to her that these honkies full on rip us off, knowing that we're tourists. So she let us do all the talking for her and left Ladies Market content with all of her purchases. 

After a yummy dinner, we couldn't let the night end without having desserts. We stocked up on these Haagen-Dazs' icecream a few days ago but never got the chance to eat it. It was delish !

Good Night World. xoxo

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