Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just Chilling

Back to our buffet breakfast this morning. 
Scrambled eggs, pork sausages, fried rice with curry, dumplings, smoked salmon baked beans & toast.

Seeing that we have been doing excessive walking these past few days, we have decided to just chill out today and give our legs a little break. We wanted to go swimming but unfortunately, the pool was closed today for maintenance. Anyhow, we chilled in the jacuzzi instead. Just as good :) The water was at 38 degrees. It was really hot walking into it, but we got used to the temperature and stayed in for about half an hour ... It is a beautiful sunny day today. 
We weren't allowed to take photos in this area, but I sneaked my camera under my towel and took photos anyways :) SNAP SNAP SNAP !! NER NER =P

I'm finally trying the "Mochi". It is has a soft & slighty chewy skin with vanilla icecream in the centre.  It was divine. We are stocking up at our next 7 Eleven visit. :)

My JuJu having an arvo nap.

We finally get to see each other :) 
Love you heaps. xoxox

Skype ROCKS !!! 
Hello Guys ! Look how happy you are to see us :)

Headed out for dinner at Lotus Seafood Grill & Bar just down the road from our hotel.

Australian themed cocktail bar & restaurant, it's cutting edge cuisine has already won acclaim in Australia, Thailand, Bali and now Hong Kong. Yummy food with a great atmosphere. 

Prawn and cream egg with fish roe
Tomato tower with fish roe

Creamy mushroom

Grill angus rib eye with red wine sauce
Baked duck breast with boletus risotto in mustard honey sauce

Unfortunately, they did not carry alcohol licensing yet so we ordered mocktails instead. 
I gather its a fairly new restaurant. 

Dinner was so good and satisfying.

I know we just had dinner but the cheese sausages were too hard to resist. 

Our hotel from afar. Walking distance to the shops, restaurants and our favourite - 7 Eleven. 

We stocked up! :) 

Dessert Fun !! hehe

After a very relaxing day of doing pretty much nothing, we are feeling very replenished. We are calling it an early night again and look forward to tomorrow's adventures. 

Night Night. xoxo

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