Saturday, 16 April 2011

Yum Cha, Shopping & Round One at Lan Kwai Fong !

Day 13. The days are going by so fast. 

We're heading over to The Mandarin Oriental for some fine dining Yum Cha. 

Unfortunately the main restaurant was booked out, so we dined at their bar instead. 
You also get amazing views and a touch of class dining area anyways. We were content. After doing researches on some top restaurants to have Yum Cha, I can finally cross this one of my list. 

Banquet style. We ordered the vegetarian and meat banquet.
My favourite dish were the Wagyu beef pastries. It literally melts in your mouth. YUM!

The search on Dr Dre beats headphones ends here in Central HMV !! JuJu has been hunting these down for Peter for the last few days. YAY! 

The high altar of Hong Kong shopping, "The Landmark" features Hong Kong's most exclusive shops and sheikest boutiques. From the milestone Louis Vuitton shop, to Hong Kong's only Harvey Nichols. Whils the mall has the best shops, it also attracts the highest pricetags. Slap-bang in the middle of Central, it also features the Landmark Oriental Hotel, with a battery of first-clas restaurants. I was in shopping heaven ! My favourite shopping mall of all. I have already bought enough designer goods, my bank account is running really low as I still need to make my way to Bangkok, therefore, I walked out of the centre empty handed :(. 

The cute little outfits I picked up from H&M for my favourite kids back in Sydney. 

Our little to hike to find "Original Fakes" clothing. Unfortunately, every piece of clothing JuJu was after - there were no sizes. Oh wells. 

Getting ready for dinner and round one in Lan Kwai Fong. Hong Kong's party scene of clubs, bars and restaurants. WooHOo, can't wait ! 

Ok, just a few more photos before we leave. 
Photo Fun !

Dinner at Il Maestro - Very good Italian Cuisine. The amazing chef gave great recommendations.

B/F, Carfield Commercial Buildiing, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central.

Tuna Tartar with green apple and spanish sauce 
Baked Sea Bass Fillet with cherry tomato, black olives and capers
Black linguini pasta with Lobster from Maine (U.S) and cherry tomato - it was soooooooooooooo tasty
I can't remember what it was called but my dessert was so good. 

La Bodega - Spanish bar. JuJu wasn't feeling too well, so I literally drank and partied alone with her sitting by watching me, carrying my bag and jacket. =)

We met a Chillian married couple who are on holidays. Lovely people, however it was very hard to understand them - especially with the music playing so loud. 

This is how they lure people into the club. HAHA, standing at the front and offering to pour tequila down your throat. I had no problems with this, I LOVE TEQUILA. 

DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!! I was such a loner partying alone, but with the many FREE tequila shots the bartender kept on offering throughout the night, I literally partied like I was the only person in the club =)

The nice bartender who offered me free tequila shots all night. Thank you. 

My JuJu, I love you <3. 

Met Kelly, who was born and raised in Hong Kong. She was trying to help us get a cab back to the hotel. Very pretty and lovely girl. 

Ok, I definitely had way toooooooo many tequila shots tonight. This is the bag I vomited into - provided by the hotel staff when I was trying to get my drunk ass up to the room. Thank you JuJu for being the responsible one tonight. LOVE YOU HEAPS.

Good Night world - I'm praying for a non hangover tomorrow morning. 


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