Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hello Bangkok

Finally, we are at Bangkok. WooHoo! Hello Thailand =)
The welcoming gush of humid air was rather overwhelming. But, I am excited to embrace the sunny days and hopefully go back home with a nice golden brown tan for autumn.

Transfers are a must to organise for every holiday. I feel important when I come out of customs and see some man holding up a sign with my name on it. hehe. Not only that, just the peace of mind that I will be taken to my hotel safely without getting ripped off, especially in a foreign country. 

They welcomed us with cold bottled waters and cold towels. How lovely and refreshing. 


Bangkok is actually really developed. Definitely wasn't expecting this at all.

Our beautiful hotel in the lobby. 

The hotel staff greeted us with juice. I already like Thailand. 

Smoking room !

Loving the lighting around this place. 

Room Service!!!!

Room SERVICE ! Delicious !!!!!! But it wasn't enough for us so we ordered MORE !

Thai food is so yummy, but this order was way too much. Totally stuffed and we definitely didn't finish it.

HAHA, I'm being silly once again. HOT or WHAT ?

My dearest Vanna is currently living in Bangkok so we met up with her (gosh, I've miss this girl) and she took us to this nice cool rooftop chill out bar called Nest for some yummy bucket drinks ! 800mls. Boy, they were good. 

All we needed was one bucket each to get started. =) WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Next stop, Slim Nightclub. 

We paid 400baht entry each. But for every entry each person gets 2 free drinks coupons. 

The nasty "Flaming Lamborginis" LOVE THEM!

Sandi : "Let's get more drinks girls"
Vanna & JuJu looks at each other and says "No"
Sandi: "Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee" 
Vanna & JuJu: "Alright then" 
woot woot !

The club was going off. The DJ is from Canada. He played all the hit songs and all the songs that gets the club pumpin' Unfortunately, the clubs in Thailand closes at 2am. 

It's 2am and the club is closed, but Vanna tells us that there are other clubs that opens after hours. Woot ! Let's go !!!!!!!!!!

The live band was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING VOICES ! They were so friendly. 

Cab ride back to the hotel =) Very tipsy ! What an awesome night. Thank you Vanna. Love you girl. 

Good Night. xoxo

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