Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop & Maybe Eat Again?

Vermcelli rolls - prawns & pork
Barbeque Pork Buns

Panfried pork & pumpkin dumplings, prawn springrolls, 
steamed prawn dumplings, Gow Choi Gow dumplings

Garlic & Chives dumplings, Malay sponge cake, 
prawn & pork siu mai, beefballs 

This morning we had skipped our buffet breakfast to try out this much talked about canteen style eatery - Tim Ho Wan (G/F Tsui Yuen Mansion, 2-20 Kowng Wa Street, Mongkok). It is a Michelin starred restaurant that offers Dim Sum for as little as HK$10 (AUD$1.33). It is the cheapest Michelin endorsed meal you can get your hands on anywhere in the world. 

It took us a while to find the restaurant, but as we were approaching we saw a big group of people waiting outside of a restaurant and knew we had found it. There were approximately 30-40 people waiting. We were given a ticket and advised that it will be an hour wait. It was only 11.30am - I couldn't believe how many people were already in line. More and more people started to arrive in hope to also TRY out this popular restaurant. It was reaching the 2 hour mark for wait time. The restaurant is so small, it cosily fits 30 people at the one time. The eating space is also tiny. 

We ordered 10 dishes in total. The best dish were the Char Siu (barbeque pork) buns. It wasn't like the usual buns like back at home. The buns had a sweet savoury pastry with a filling of BBQ pork meat that was so soft that blended well with the delicate texture of the pastry. It literally melted in my mouth. 

The dim sims were all so good. It was definitely well worth the wait and value for money ! We ended up paying HKD$166 (AUD$22.13) for 10 dishes & 2 cups of tea. This is a must to try out for anyone visiting Hong Kong in the near future. 


Time Square - Causeway Bay for our next shopping destination.
I ONLY bought a new YSL lippy to add to my collection ;) along with a few pieces of Zara baby clothes for my favourite kids. How cute are these baby outfits ? Gucci Wucci Woo. I probably spent more of my time in the kids section than the ladies - hence, walking out of Zara with only a bag filled with kids clothing.

In a local department store called Lane Crawford (Similar to our very own David Jones) - I came across a pair of sunnies. They're D & G, contemplating whether I should get them or not. Does it suit me ?

My hunt for a preloved Chanel bag - Milan Station was my next stop. This store in Causeway bay stocked a lot of new and preloved Chanel handbags. I finally found the "every girl's dream to own a Chanel bag" for AUD$2000. Lightly used. Unfortunately, I did not leave the store with the beauty. The one day that I was not carrying my passport around - it was needed for verification when paying by card. I was so upset, I am going back tomorrow in hope the bag is still there waiting for me.  

Ben & Jerry's - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was so yummmmmmy ... 

It's snack time again. Shopping takes over our lives. We always miss our proper meal times. haha.
I had to have the cheese sausages again. (I'm starting to crave for it each day). 
JuJu had the spicy fish balls. HKD$17

For dinner, we had ramen noodles - a little restaurant located in the food court of Time Square. 
The ramen was so tasty. 

Our legs are feet are ridiculously sore. We headed back to the hotel to kick back and relax.
We have decided to give our legs and feet a break tomorrow and will go get a foot & leg massage and purely chill out at the hotel. We are in desperate need of it. 

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to stock up on more cheese sausages, siu mai and instant noodles - just incase we get peckish :)

Good Night Hong Kong, we are calling it an early night tonight. xoox

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