Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yum Cha, Shopping & More Shopping

Day 12...
Getting ready for YumCha in Central. 


The first taxi we jumped in from our hotel said he doesn't know his way around Hong Kong Island - so he dropped us off at the next taxi stand just 200metres from where we initially got on
The second taxi driver said he doesn't drive to the Hong Kong Island area, but was nice enough to drive us to the taxis that does - he even gave us a discount!
The third taxi driver was having lunch HAHA in his car, so the car smelt of his lunch (some sort of rice & meat dish) anyhow, we finally found someone that could take us to our destination. 

It's very strange like that in Hong Kong, you have different coloured taxis working for only their individual territories. 

We thought this was it, but oops, wrong level. HAHA. 

City Hall Maxim's Palace showcases the best of Cantonese cuisine and dim sum, and is an exciting restaurant with an amazing view of the Victoria Harbour. The spacious dinning venue is capable of catering for 50 round tables, ideally for wedding banquets. Beautiful chandeliers, I felt like I was in a very high class restaurant. 

The push car, stocked with steaming sweet or savouries, are wheeled around a dining hall, a fading sight in yum cha parlours of 21st century in Hong Kong. Treasured like local beacon, this vessel has become a theatrical enhancement to the dim sum experience luring countless tourists (like myself) and locals alike. Creamy beige seatings, matched with peach coloured carpetting, plus silverware teaspots on linen-ed table tops. Even the flourish installed with little flat screen TVs showcasing its contents is supercool.

Every single dish was so tasty and definitely lived up to my standards for YumCha especially in Hong Kong. The mango pudding was my favourite along with what I called the "Albino looking seafood springroll" haha, served with mayonnaise. 

Like every city with its quintessential dish, from the deli's in New York to fish n' Chips shops in London, dim sum has been embraced as representing Hong Kong's identity. Hence, I am on a mission to taste the top five YumCha restaurants during my time in Hong Kong. 

This is the second one to cross off my list. 
City Hall Maxim's Palace
2/F City Hall Low Block : 2-8 Edinburg St, Central.

We found a general post office and are finally sending off my post cards to our workplaces. 

We are now making our way to IFC Mall for some shopping in Central.

Beautiful city views. I wish I lived in Hong Kong.

Lane Crawford - My World. I died and went to heaven. The Christian Louboutin section got me feeling all fuzzy wuzzy... just picking up each pair of shoes made me want to lick and eat it. The pair I really wanted didn't come in black - BOO !

I came across this beautiful black Valentino clutch/handbag that I kept going back to, I didn't even bother looking at the price because I didn't wanna impulse buy. HAHA

Therefore, I treated myself to a pair of Sam Edelman wedges !! By far the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought for myself. 

In Lane Crawford, we came across this pair of Adidas Fly shoes - back at home, it's going for $300+, in Hong Kong - I picked it up for AUD$230, I couldn't leave the store without a pair for boobyface. This is us in the guys section trying on the shoes HAHA. Unfortunately, they didn't have the size I needed in this Central store so it was placed on hold for me at their other Lane Crawford in Admiralty. In Hong Kong, when you request to place items on hold, they are so generous to place it on hold for a total of 3 days. 

Ok, back at H&M, and I thought the one in Tsim Sha Tsui was massive. This one kicks ass, it even has a kids section which I didn't get a chance to explore because we had to make our way to Admiralty and we were so buggered from walking. We are going back in a few days time. I wasn't really sure about this off white, beige-y dress - but oh wells, I bought it ahahahaha.

My bargain buys from H&M. I can't wait to check out the kids section. =)
It's true when they say you could spend hours in here. 

The current window display at Louis Vuitton is so cool. 

Back at Pacific Place, Admiralty to pick up boobyface's shoes. 

I literally wanted to drop! It was way past dinner time, we were so tired from the excess walking we've been doing all day, we just wanted FOOD !

With intensions of wanting to try a different japanese restaurant, without knowing- we ended up at the same japanese restaurant we had been to a few days before AHAHAHAHAHA, but entering from a different entrance. TOO FUNNY! Anyway, we were really happy with the food here we decided to stay. 


Going back to Ladies Market for some more bargains. After ladies market, we decided to go to the shopping centre down the road - King Wah Centre. Didn't really find anything in there except the skull ring I got for boobyface.

As requested by the brothers, belts, shorts and 100 pairs of socks. I also bought myself some stockings seeing that Sydney is getting rather cold in this autumn period. 

For my spoilt boobyface purely because I love him.
His new kicks and reversible Louis Vuitton Belt.


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