Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bye Bye Hong Kong

Our last buffet breakfast at Royal Plaza Hotel.

On our way to the airport =( its so sad. 

Bye Bye Hong Kong, we will miss you. However, one day we shall return for brighter and better adventures. 

After checking in our luggages we had to catch a train to the departure lounge where we go through immigration and customs. Hong Kong airport is quite big. 

Our flight is not until 3hrs. We have so much time to spare. 

Lunch time. Our last chinese meal in Hong Kong. 

We ordered Dan Dan Noodles with Siu Mai and a banguette. As a chinese tradition, they love their Milk teas and I have got to say, this one that I tried was by far the BEST milk tea I've had in Hong Kong. We loved it so much we called for seconds and decided to try their lemon tea. The lemon tea was also good, but I loved the milk tea more.

We'll have a smoke before we board the plane, we just need to kill time. 

OMG, we are seriously leaving. NoOoooooOOOooo!!!!!

We're playing our last few words on "Words with Friends" before we have to switch off our phones. 

Time to get drunk !! HAHA, GIN & TONIC PLEASE, and keep them coming. 

Getting really bored, although its only a 3.5 hour flight. Thank god for the alcohol. 

We were so stuffed from lunch at the airport that we barely even touched our food on the plane. 

More drinks ! Had so many gin and tonics and wine that I ended up dozing off a little. hehe.

Ok, are we there yet ?

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