Sunday, 17 April 2011

Round Two - Pub Crawls

The Morning after !! We stayed indoors all day and had noodles for lunch - great for hangovers I guess?

Getting ready for round two in Lan Kwai Fong- The crazy party scene in Hong Kong. I love the atmosphere. 

Taxi ride to SoHo. The Soho district in Hong Kong is an entertainment zone located in Mid-Kevels and bordering Sheung Wan, within Central. The name is derived from its location: South Of Hollywood Road, and it arguably extends up to and including Robinson Road. 

Love the set out and lighting. The lighting ironically goes well with the name of the restaurant. It was a lovely dining experience. All the staff were amazing. 

Lychee Martiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

Cute Chopsticks. 
We chose a set menu because we both couldn't make up our minds on what to eat, there were way too many choices. 
Miang Kum, Thoong Thong & Paen Thong
Main Course:
Laab Moo served with Green Lettuce
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Seafood
Green Curry Chicken
Pandan Rice & Steamed Rice
Thong Yib, Thong Yord, Foy Thong, Kanom Chan (4 "Lucky Name" desserts)

The Mid-Levels escalator that we could of took to get to our dinner destination. It was such a hot and humid night and we hiked up some crazy hills. The taxi driver didn't know where the restaurant was, so he dropped us off at the beginning of Lan Kwai Fong and told us that the restaurant was probably just up the road - few minutes walk. OMG, it was more like a 20 minute walk. The steep hills/roads in Hong Kong are surely not made for high heels. However, it was well worth it after all, as the food at Lime at Soho 38 was divine. Highly recommended. You are guaranteed authenticity in Thai aromas and flavours, oh ! and exceptional service =)

Lime @Soho 38 
38 Shelley Street, Central, Hong Kong

Meeting up with JuJu's friend - Steve. Originally from Melbourne, but now living in Hong Kong. So he's a local. He's taking us to the hottest bars/clubs in town. 

1st stop - Balalaika, Russian Bar & Restaurant. You literally walk into an ice bar - they even offer you fur coats if it gets too cold for you. It was such a hot and muggy night, we didn't need this environment to cool down. Three shots of some flavoured vodkas please :) - I had the green apple vodka - YUMMMY!

2nd Stop - Club 97
Club 97 is one of the hippest and most established venues in Lan Kwai Fong. The club, as it is known to regulars, is hailed primarily for its music, with DJs in charge of spinning. A Moroccan interior design with pretty lighting. Great Atmosphere. 

I love Lan Kwai Fong's party scene. It's amazing how you don't actually have to walk into a bar or a club to drink and dance - just do it in the middle of the street ! Every likes to boogie right ? and you get more dancing space ! Every corner you turn, there is a drink in someone's hand. The party animal in me is slowly unleashing into this very young night.

Third Stop: Tazmania Ballroom (my favourite of them all)
How pretty is this club right? They were refusing entry even though we were girls. Eventually they let us  in after telling them that we were tourists. HAHA - It always works !

Flaming Lamborghinis. Hectic Drink ! 

I've noticed that they do this a lot in Hong Kong. Drink straight from the bottle !! I love the way they party !

Whilst waiting in the toilet queue, I met a friend - Angel. She is a Hong Kong local who normally doesn't party, however, she is out tonight with a few friends for a celebration. Very friendly people in Hong Kong. 

I met some really cool american girls! Party Animals they were ! Everyone, meet Joanna, Amy & Minh. 

It was such a fun night !! 

Fourth Stop: Prive 
We all continued to party on making our way just across the street to Prive. We pretty much hung out with the girls all night. We ended up exchanging numbers and adding each other of Facebook as well. We shall be catching up for dinner before leaving Hong Kong. 

It was such a crazy night - with the involvement of uncountable alcoholic beverages and shots - these american girls sure knows how to party !!! WOOT WOOT !

We literally partied till the AM !!!! The clubs and bars closes really late in Hong Kong - I LOVE IT !!! 
We headed home at 5.30am. 

Good Night World. Let's hope we are not too hungover tomorrow morning =)

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