Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ocean Park

Good Morning ! Day 11 . We are going on a diet, been eating way too much. 

On the way to the MTR station, we smelt deliciously baked egg tarts that we couldn't resist. HAHA. Therefore, bought two to try (HKD$10) - damn !!!!! it was good... 

We are making our way to Ocean Park today - We have to head to Admiralty station then catch a bus to Ocean Park. It is a very warm day again today. We have been so lucky with the weather the past week and half that we've been here. The temperature has been in its mid 20s. Bad idea for black again. Oh wells. 

We are now here at Admiralty station and are buying tickets to Ocean Park, this will save us time from queuing in line when we get there. 

A short bus ride will take us to Ocean Park.  

The views from the bus leading to Ocean Park.

Yay, we made it to Ocean Park. 

Trying on these cute Panda hats and beanies in the souvenir shops. 

We're at Ocean Park. Weeeeeeeee ....

Entering into the Panda world. 

Hi everyone, meet Jia Jia. All she did was ate bamboo. Typical of a Panda right?

How adorable is this Panda? She's so lazy !!! Her name is An An. 

Every souvenir shop we went to were filled with Pandas and I thought their iconic animal for Ocean Park was the seal?

Even though we got a map, it was rather confusing to read. 

More Pandas

Make a wish !! I wrote my name is chinese and english. hehe

This was the only ride I went on. It was boring !!!! The last time I was in Hong Kong, I had experienced all their rides - it ain't good at all. Boo ! Dreamworld kicks ass.... =)

Designated smoking area with a extinguisher ... hehe

Lunch Break ! Apparently, the Golden fried chicken was really popular. Every corner I turned, someone had a chicken wing in their mouth. 

We were gonna get one of these Caricatures done but thought why bother, we already have one from the last time we were in Hong Kong. hehe. However, the artist was really good. It only takes 10 minutes to complete one. 

Under the sea.

The very helpful clown !

The train ride to take us to the top section of Ocean Park.

Haagen Dazs icecream is a favourites icecream in Hong Kong. Yummy. 

Someone, please call the fashion policeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Eeeeek !

The view from the top section of Ocean Park. 

We are getting so tired from all the walking and the heat is really getting to us. We are leaving Ocean Park. A cable car ride will take us back down to the start of Ocean Park. Enjoying the views from the 10 minute cable car ride. Beautiful breeze. 

I fell asleep on the taxi ride back to the hotel. It was such a tiring hot day. We are now heading back to the hotel for a 2 hour nap before we head to the markets tonight. 

JuJu skyping with Kathy. CUTIE !

Refreshed, after 2 hours of napping. hehe. We're ready for some bargaining =) 

We're back at ladies Market - Mong Kok. 

For dinner tonight, we trying their McDonalds. We ordered a quarter pounder meal, filet-o-fish meal and 9 pieces of chicken nuggets - all for HKD$47(AUD$6.26) - by far the cheapest meal w've had so far in Hong Kong. All their meals comes in one size - Medium, but you are able to upgrade to a large drink if you are extra thirsty. It tasted very similar to our McDonalds back at home, but the BBQ sauce is different. 

Ladies Market is always buzzing ! 
"Missy, I do cheap for you la" 
"Come back Missy, Ok la, $100" 
"Do you like Gucci, Chanel, LV?" (Drags a whole bag of fakes from under the table) 
They crack me up, but even though I see the same thing everyday - it still fascinates me. hehe
This time round being in Hong Kong, there aren't many nice cheap things to buy. Every store sells the same type of bags, shoes, belts, shirts - no variety whatsoever. I really don't know what is luring me back every night. HAHA. 

I didn't buy too much tonight from Ladies Market. 
Got two more clutches, shoes for my mummy and 15 bargain business shirts (100% cotton) for the boys.

Before heading home, we had to get some spicy fish balls. Midnight snack. hehe.

BUGGERED, its been a very long warm day - we deserve some desserts to cool us down (perhaps?) before we are off to bed. 


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