Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hung Over

I spent the whole day blogging. We were so hungover we literally didn't eat all day until 7.30pm.. It was another beautiful sunny day again today, (judging from looking out of the window) we were in no shape or form to go out to enjoy it. We'll be calling it another early night again to replenish for tomorrow's adventures. JuJu has been very upset all day :( She is still coming to terms that her iPhone is lost. I am getting very homesick as well. I miss boobyface, my family & friends so much. 

We look so horrible !!!! Seriously lacking in sleep. 

After a very intoxicated night, we needed something that would go down easily. Something soupy ! We dined at Delicious Cafe just down the road from our hotel. I had the Tom Yum/Laksa noodle soup - It was really different, wasn't so great. JuJu had the wonton & chicken noodle soup that she barely even touched. 

Dinner was really really cheap. HKD$70 

Stocked up on more water and bought some cheese sausages, siu mai and fish balls - incase we wanted to snack, seeing that dinner was not so satisfying. 

Good Night. xoxox

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