Saturday, 2 April 2011

Let the packing begin ...

Packing can become a very hard task... Like "most" girls, we all tend to overpack - thinking about all the "Just incases" or "I may need this"... Looking into my new luggage (Monsac - Purchased from Myer on sale for $165) - I thought the luggage was way too overcrowded. Since the photo was taken, I had already taken out 7 outfits :) ! I had to remind myself, that I will be doing lots and lots and lots of shopping in Hong Kong and that luggage space is crucial...

In 2007, I had travelled to Hong Kong and whilst looking into my travel diary during this packing process (yes, I'm such a nerd. I wrote in my travel diary on a daily basis), I found the "Octopus Card" which I gather I should be able to use again on my return to Hong Kong this time round. Woohoo, SCORE !

Didn't think I was going to handle parting with my O.P.I nail polish. So, I packed four of my favourite colours - Lincoln after Dark, Japanese Rose Garden & Tickle My Francey & MonSooner or Later.

It's now just one more sleep till I fly out ... I'm starting to feel the slight pangs of gripping excitement.

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